N.E.A Engineering Ltd.


“Company” means N.E.A Engineering Ltd.

“Websites” means the company’s website(s) and the data monitoring platforms it supports

“Personal data” means any information concerning the personal circumstances of an identifiable individual (examples include email addresses, names and postal addresses).

“Nonpersonal data” means data that are not personal

We value the privacy and protect the personal data of our customers. The websites may document and/or store, among others, the following data if you make it available to them:

  • User data: Name, company, address, phone, email, user name and password
  • Process/Energy data made available to us via the service we provide
  • Connection data: Timestamp, IP address, browser, operating system, device etc.

The company may collect personal data to provide you with requested services but also for internal purposes (e.g. for data analysis, research, or to improve its products). The company treats any personal data with strict confidentiality and will not pass it on to third parties without your express consent. In the absence of your permission, the company will only collect, process or use personal inventory and use data in so far as this is necessary for the processing of our contractual relationship.

The company may also collect nonpersonal (anonymous) data in such a way as to prevent direct identification of a specific person. It may collect, use, share or disclose these data for any reason (eg for promotion of its products).

If the company chooses to use your data for any purpose that requires your legal consent, we will always ask for your permission and log your response in accordance with data privacy laws. You may withdraw your consent at any time effective for future and/or object to any future use of your data for advertising, marketing or opinion research by using the below contact info.

To realize functionality and better participating users' experience, we use cookies (small text files that allow users to be identified without having to log onto the website each time) in the monitoring platforms we maintain.

Please address questions about our privacy policy and data protection or about the storage, processing and deletion of personal data to:


N.E.A. Engineering Ltd.

Faethontos 10, 2313 Nicosia, CYPRUS

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