Residential REMODA:

… or simply REsiMODA!

For when interested to save through understanding!

The system provides accurate monitoring and analysis of home consumption in the presence of Netmetering.

Not a Toy!

Unlike the home energy indicators in the market REsiMODA:

  • uses MID-approved electrical meters
  • supports bidirectional flow (for PV systems)
  • provides live EAC bills
  • offers SMS alerts

It is an affordable solution intended solely for residential applications.

Be smart!  Save via knowledge!

You can now know:

  • How many credit KWhs you have at present
  • How to shape your consumption with production
  • When PV is down (SMS)
  • Whether to request EAC meter calibration
  • Whether you forgot the A/C “ON” on your way out (Yeap! We can SMS you to come back!)
  • Whether replacing your fridge is a smart move
  • If you’ re paying for hidden electricity loads….

Prices start at €230 (excluding electrical installation) with an annual subscription of €75. See more on installation and costs

We know you are not experts on energy-saving (that’s us 🙂 )

After installation, we discuss ways to lower your bill. With honesty and for free!

Please call for a demo residential REMODA account.