Residential REMODA:

… or simply REsiMODA!

For when interested to save through understanding!

The system provides accurate monitoring and analysis of home consumption in the presence of Netmetering.

Not a Toy!

Unlike the home energy indicators in the market REsiMODA:

  • uses MID-approved electrical meters
  • supports bidirectional flow (for PV systems)
  • provides live EAC bills
  • offers SMS alerts

It is an affordable solution intended solely for residential applications.

Be smart!  Save via knowledge!

You can now know:

  • How many credit KWhs you have at present
  • How to shape your consumption with production
  • When PV is down (SMS)
  • Whether to request EAC meter calibration
  • Whether you forgot the A/C “ON” on your way out (Yeap! We can SMS you to come back!)
  • Whether replacing your fridge is a smart move
  • If you’ re paying for hidden electricity loads….

Prices start at €230 (excluding electrical installation) with an annual subscription of €75. See more on installation and costs

We know you are not experts on energy-saving (that’s us 🙂 )

After installation, we discuss ways to lower your bill. With honesty and for free!

We’ll be more than happy to visit you and present or demonstrate our work with no obligation. Please contact us for an appointment.