REMODA: Industrial Monitoring of anything!

is a powerful, industrial-grade monitor, analysis & alarm system for any process or energy flow online, even if no internet infrastructure is available!

Unlike vendor-specific monitoring which ties customers with hardware, we designed REMODA bottom-up,  to accommodate any process, or technology.

The key lies in its flexibility (in both hardware and software) which allows integration of cross-vendor equipment, sensors and meters alike. The remote data transfer to the cloud server is achieved by wire or wireless.

REMODA provides smart, automated, error-free and efficient data acquisition which is coupled with a sophisticated, 3-tier alarm structure to reveal problems fast and effectively in order to limit or completely avoid their cost. 


ISO 50001: Energy Management

According to ISO 50001, when managing energy organizations undergo a constant process of planning, doing, checking and acting.

REMODA is the perfect tool for planning, checking and acting on existing new new energy-saving policies:


So what is it really?

It is a “smart meter of anything“… a decision-support Information System tool (DS-IS) capable of saving money through knowledge and targeted & effective resource management.

Once installed, we are never needed back!

We only use quality hardware which we guarantee! But, as our solutions integrate multi-vendor equipment and various technologies, this is not enough.

We always run vigorous tests on both hardware and software before and after installation, which is probably why we are never called back (unless, of course, if it’s to consult)

Salient features:

  • LIVE DASHBOARD: Designed to reveal as much as possible in a few seconds
  • ALARMS : A sophisticated and smart 3-level structure allows the system to “disturb” only when it should!
  • HISTORICAL DATA: Available for viewing graphically or downloading
  • CUSTOM ANALYSES: From simple descriptive statistics, to complex prediction models

So, whether it is quarry production (t/hr) or energy (KWh or €) that interests you, we provide it as it happens from anywhere and on any gadget:

We’ll be more than happy to visit your organization and quote our services. Please contact us for an appointment.