Energy Audits

If you are interested in performing the audit simply because the law (i.e, Ν31(Ι)/2009, Ν53(Ι)/2012, Ν56(Ι)/2014 και Ν149(Ι)/2015) forces you, we shouldn’t be the ones to contact. You will definitely achieve your goals cheaper elsewhere.

However, if you are interested in knowing what your organization true needs are and where you stand compared to them, or if you want to move towards energy-lean processes through upgrading, then we can help.

Interdisciplinary teams!

We gather a team of experts (mechanical, civil and electrical engineers) to better understand your organization and compare its should-be and actual energy needs. 

We provide a thorough, price-tagged list of moves and upgrades you can consider, along with clear, quantified benefits (in €)

Our studies are substantiated to the utmost degree!

– Install REMODA and save on your energy audit